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"All you can eat yakiniku on YouTube 100 minutes 4,500 yen" Taste of Japanese beef at reasonable prices! 110 items in total

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  • 110items
  • 2-16persons
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Wagyu beef ribs, loin, white pruning and popular dessert all-you-can-eat! You can also enjoy Japanese beef boasting our shop at reasonable prices! For a wide range of applications including each banquet, girls' party, mama, launch, date ◎ Preschool child: Free / elementary school student: half price / over 60 years old: 500 yen discounts Soft drinks All you can drink All you can drink +400 yen / Unlimited drinks All you can drink +1, 350 yen / All you can drink premium all you can afford +1,550 yen / All you can drink platinum + 1850 yen

Course menu

【Start Set】 ★ First of all, we will make your order dish while you are enjoying this.

Three kinds of meat served / Korean garlic / Choregi salada / snacks Kimchi · Namul Assorted

※ You can choose a base sauce from the following.

[Sweet sauce red pepper] [Spicy sauce (Cajun taste)] [Bourbon BBQ sauce] [garlic sauce]

Calvi / roast / harami / pork ribs / pig tintoro · pork temple / domestic chicken thigh / domestic produce cartilage cartilage / devil fillet steak

[Salt sauce / special sauce]

Pork ribs / pig tons · Pork temple / domestic chicken thigh / domestic chicken and cartilage cartilage

Calvi / rose / Harami / Oni fired corner steak


Beef pickled beef HARAMI / beef pickled ribs ribulose


Onion salt tongue (swine tongue) / Mino / Wagyu cattle lever / Wagyu small intestine / Wagyu Colorectum / Wagyu Galla / Wagyu bee / Pork kobukuro / Low temperature cooking lever Grilled

【Kimchi · Snacks · Salad】

Assorted grilled vegetables / Sesame leaves / Sanche / Choregi salad

Low temperature cooking liver piercing / brown bean / sesame salt cucumber

Korean cold / Korean paste / potato fly / crab cream croquette

Domestic Chinese cabbage Kimchi / Kimchi · Namul Assorted / Changja

【Korean cuisine】

Seafood and Onion Chijimi / Yum Nyom Chicken (Sweet Deep-fried Chicken) / Chimmunddu (Steamed Gyoza) / Vegetable Plenty Chapty / Topgogy / Net Tofu Pot / Kerantim (Grilled Chopsticks)

【Meals, soup, dessert】

Bibimbap / stone cooker bibimbap / kimpa (sesame salt thick roll) / homemade rice small rice small medium, large souvenirs / cold noodles

Wakame soup / egg soup / egg cooker / yukke jean soup / yukke yumppuka

Vanilla Icecream

In addition to the above,

Wagyu Bee Calbi / Wagyu Roast / Beef Tanger (Salt Sauce) / Wagyu White Opinion Tsubasa / Avocado and Shrimp Chijimi / Toruro Rice Cheese Timimi / Onion Rich Rice for Delicious Meat of BBQ / Seasonal Sorbet / Ice Cream (Choco / Matcha) / Mill Crepe Roll / Mill Crape Roll Chocolat

▼ Additional deals on all you can eat! Yukke menu half price !! ▼

· Yamagata beef cake (with Okujiji egg) 1,680 yen ⇒ 840 yen (excluding tax)

· Yamagata bee carpaccio 1,280 yen ⇒ 640 yen (excluding tax)

2018/11/10 update